Who are we

Worldwide Information LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of LPHC Acquisition Partners LLC, is the leader in providing advanced searching software technology. The company, which was established over 20 years ago, has expanded from private investigation and customized search services to specialized software that is unique to the private investigations industry, as well as a leading provider to the collections industry. Our customer base has expanded dramatically to include law enforcement, private investigators, attorneys, collection agencies, insurance agencies, security departments, parking control, towing companies and government agencies.

Skip tracing services

WWI offers full lines of DVD’s and skip tracing services using motor vehicle registration and driver’s license data acquired directly from state registries of motor vehicles to provide identity validation services that are unmatched. This technology coupled with our ideology that each client is a partner rather than a sale, makes for very close and long lasting relationships with all of our clientele.

Our advanced technology

Our proprietary search tool dramatically increases our customer’s success due to its distinctive search capabilities. Our software does not require Internet access and can be installed on any computer allowing you to run a search no matter the situation or location you may be in. Users can perform a basic search which allows you to identify or locate a person from just a name or license plate or, for more complex situations; one can search using a minimal amount of information that may have been provided from an eye witness to receive a list of possible results.

Several years ago, Worldwide Information rolled out its bulk batching process to serve the collection industry. Utilizing the same data that we acquire directly from state motor vehicle registries, WWI has become a leader in the batch skip trace industry. Our batch skip tracing systems allows the customization of return data to fit our client’s individual needs.

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You can submit a question or request a sales representative to call you via our contact form or if you prefer, call us at 888-273-3260

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