Citation Collections

WWI’s license plate skips tracing service enables our clients to identify owners of vehicles who owe outstanding citations. We serve an array of clients such as:

  • Higher Education
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Parking Operators
  • Parking Management Companies
  • ALPR Platforms
  • Medical Campuses

Our clients in these industries have all compared the data Worldwide provides to other companies and whether via manual search, bulk batching or API integration, Worldwide Information data is second to none. Aside from providing the freshest and most accurate data, we can provide a turn-key solutions to increase revenue flow for our clients.


Personal Injury, Collections, Criminal, Probate comprise the clientele that Worldwide service in the legal field. We have assisted our legal clients in finding or verifying thousands of individuals or vehicles relevant to their cases.

Towing and Recovery

Verifying a vehicles license plate or VIN is essential to the towing and recovery industry and Worldwide Information’ provides accurate verifications. Tow driver’s and recovery agents out in the field armed with our data are able to verify a plate or VIN on the spot thus eliminating having to wait for dispatchers to verify the vehicle.

Private Investigations

PI’s have found our software to be invaluable when locating an individual or obtaining vehicle owner information.

Private Security

Private licensed security firms all over the country use WWI’s software to effectively oversee operations related to public safety as well as to make notifications to registered owners if their vehicle is towed.

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